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Genesis Quality Systems believes in becoming the best in the steel industry. Backed by years of professional experience in signature projects world-wide, we are recognized in the industry. In return, this gives us an opportunity to coach and develop best talents; create the best quality management systems and ensure compliance on signature projects with confidence. Our goal is to make you successful.


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Viji Kuruvilla



I had the opportunity to travel around the world to see some of the best steel projects including Birj Khalifa in Dubai, Singapore National Stadium, the Shanghai tower in China and many iconic steel projects around the world. I was involved in many signature projects, beautiful convention centers, stadiums and airport terminals and other infrastructure projects in USA and around the world to make a small contribution. All of these projects required the best players and they delivered the best and deserve to be recognized.How can these best organizations deliver the best? How are they so determined, confident and aggressive? They have the best talents and they often check their vision and pulse of their organization. Why? They want to create an environment to accomplish greatness. They often do unusual things and often it is the most difficult things to accomplish. Cruising on yesterday’s success is not an option. It is a delight to watch them accomplish great success. 

Creating strategic plans emerging from a SWOT analysis often requires major adjustments and careful execution to stay successful. No matter where you are on your journey, you must retain total control to stay focused to achieve your goals. At Genesis, our goal is your success in the market place. We can help you in developing strategic plans, executing the plans and monitoring the plans to stay focused to be profitable and successful.


Success demands the best use of talents, advanced technology and maximizing the use of available resources. How can we help you increase the owner experience of every steel project around the world? It gives me much joy to be involved on your next project. Together, we can accomplish many great things. Your best is yet to come and continue to believe in the future of steel.



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